My Top 10 Wii games (Part 2)

(Here it is; Part two of my list. Read part One here)

Back in May I published a list on Wiiwarewave called My Top 10 Wii games Part 1. After a very long wait here is the second part to that list. Please note the list is called “My top 10 Wii games” basically meaning that games I personally enjoyed are on it.

#5) The Bit Trip Series

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My Top 10 Wii games (Part 1)

(This list was originally posted to Wiiwarewave. I”m reposting here because I feel that its one of my best Works. So thanks for visiting and enjoy. Read Part 2 here)


The Nintendo Wii is approaching the end of its life; it’s been a great 6 years. While its been looked down on by many gamers; as a Wii owner I can honestly say that I’m satisfied. What the Wii didn’t have in power, it made up for in games and great fun. Its a great console to play with friends and family, and on top of this had a great library of online and single player games. This list is a personal testament to all the games I have enjoyed over the years. Please note only games I have played (or put sufficient time into) will be on this list. Let’s get started.

#10) The Conduit


Developed by: High Voltage Software
Released on: June 26th 2009

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Movies I HAVE to see this year (2017)

This is a list I used to post yearly to I figured since Lunch is no longer up anymore I’ll continue this series here. This is just a list of all the films I’m really looking forward to seeing this year.  bare with me as most of these films dont yet have trailers or proper posters. Lets get Started.

John Wick: Chapter 2 (February 10th 2017)


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Assassins Creed Series Playthrough Progress Update #3 and Assassins Creed Movie thoughts.


Well its here, the Assassins Creed Movie came out and i finally saw it this past  Saturday. But before I get into the film my playthrough progress; as predicted I wasn’t able to finish all the games I had before the film came out. I was able to get to Sequence 6 in Assassins Creed 3 which is about the halfway mark for the game. If I was to come out of my hiatus only a week earlier there’s a chance i probably could have finished 3 and  liberation in the time I had left.


Despite having already seen the film I’m going to continue with my playthrough of the series and now that  I have a PS4 (Thank you Amazon sale) I can Purchase Unity and Syndicate and play through those ones as well. As I’ve stated before Assassins Creed 3 is my favourite of the series mainly because it was the first assassins creed title I played, even after Playing 2 and Brotherhood I still enjoyed playing through Assassins Creed 3. For a game that came out in 2012 it still looks beautiful and exploring the Frontier, meeting all the famous individuals from that time period (Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin etc) and taking part in the well known events like The Boston Tea Party and Accompanying Paul Revere on his famous ride were all so awesome. One thing I love about the Assassins Creed games is the real history  behind the stories. I’m a low key history nerd…….forgive me.

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The Changing Face of the Enterprise

(This list was originally written for and posted on I had to do some rewrites in order to update some information in the list )


Perhaps just as famous as the Star Trek series The Starship Enterprise has achieved Iconic Status. When most think of Star Trek the first thing that comes to mind is the Enterprise. So it’s not surprising that over the course of Trek History the famous ship has undergone numerous redesigns and revisions in order to keep up with modern audiences. In this List I will be looking at the different Starship Enterprise’s that have graced our screens over Star Treks 50 year history. I hope you enjoy.


Enterprise (NX-01)


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Assassins Creed Series Playthrough Progress Update#2


I know it’s been a while since my last update my reasons for not posting a update in a while a is that bunch of things have happened to me, I got a new job, working evenings, so I wasn’t getting home till 1am in the morning, then sleeping in late till it was time to go to work again. Don’t get me wrong it was a great job but with it I had no life and was very tired all the time. The job I have now is no better as I’m getting up at 5:30 in the morning to get to work, this job also pays less than the last one.
But the main reason, the main, main reason I haven’t posted an update in a while is , because I stopped playing. And it’s not because of the job but Assassin’s Creed Revelations.  Revelations is a good game, but it felt a bit slower paced compared to Brotherhood and Assassin’s creed 2. So when I picked it up and started to play the momentum kinda stopped for me. Although I did enjoy how the game would jump back into the past so we could see Altair in his twilight years, I thought that was really cool. I find it a bit odd though that based on what I remember from my first play through of Assassins Creed 4 there is no mention of the other great assassin’s in the order like Ezio and Altair, at least in the in animus sections of the game

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Assassins Creed Series Playthrough Progress



So my Assassins creed series playthrough is going well. I finished Assassins creed on Saturday, and Started Assassin’s Creed 2 the same day. I’m currently halfway through the second game. Not counting Unity or Syndicate I should definitely be done all the games before the movie comes out in the December.  I’m also following a handy guide for playing the games in chronological order. (it also includes the movie)

After Revelations I’m to start Assassins Creed four instead of three. After Black Flag its the Freedom Cry DLC, then Rouge, then three, then Liberation.  Which is a little confusing but worth it. Now I’ve heard the reports that the Assassins Creed movie with be based on the Spanish Inquisition (that nobody expected) in the 15th century so a little bit before Assassins creed 2 but after the first game. It will follow a completely new assassin and have a totally original story. As I mentioned in my last post.

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Just a quick Update

KingreX32s Updates


Hey Everyone. So I know I don’t post here on my WordPress blog all that often so I’m hoping to change that around. Recently I’ve been following a YouTube channel Called Spacedock this channel looks at Starships from Various Science Fiction Tv shows, Movies, Video games and Comics. Its a great Channel and I get genuinely excited every Tuesday when a new video is Uploaded.

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Assassins Creed Movie (Thoughts)


You know its funny this whole thing basically started off as a sort of announcement on Facebook to my friends that I’m gonna be purchasing and playing through Assassins Creed 1, 2, Revelations, Brotherhood and Rouge on PS3 in anticipation of the Movie coming out in December of this year. Then it just evolved into my thoughts on the movie. My mind is strange.   Continue reading