Assassins Creed Series Playthrough Progress



So my Assassins creed series playthrough is going well. I finished Assassins creed on Saturday, and Started Assassin’s Creed 2 the same day. I’m currently halfway through the second game. Not counting Unity or Syndicate I should definitely be done all the games before the movie comes out in the December.  I’m also following a handy guide for playing the games in chronological order. (it also includes the movie)

After Revelations I’m to start Assassins Creed four instead of three. After Black Flag its the Freedom Cry DLC, then Rouge, then three, then Liberation.  Which is a little confusing but worth it. Now I’ve heard the reports that the Assassins Creed movie with be based on the Spanish Inquisition (that nobody expected) in the 15th century so a little bit before Assassins creed 2 but after the first game. It will follow a completely new assassin and have a totally original story. As I mentioned in my last post.

So why am I going though all the trouble of purchasing and playing though all the Assassins Creed games? Well I’ve got a few reasons, first and foremost is simply because after playing Assassins Creed 3 and falling in love with that game I had always wanted to play through all the games in the series. Unfortunately various reasons had held me back  weather it be time or money, or lack of a console to play them on. I’m between jobs at the moment so now is the perfect time to do this.
My second reason is simply to understand the overall story of the universe better. In the Assassins Creed games its not just about the Assassins and the Templar’s there’s also a lot to do with the First Civilization,  a powerful ancient race of beings who have left their artifacts all around the globe, that the Templar’s are obsessed with obtaining. I don’t fully understand who they are or what they want but its my hope that playing through the series will answer those questions. I’m also playing for Desmond’s story; by the third game he is a full fledged assassin climbing up walls and doing all the thing assassin’s would do as opposed to the the first game where he is just some clueless prisoner of Abstergo. Watching his growth as a character should be pretty interesting,  even if I do hate the out of Animus sections of the games. I feel that if I understand the story of the games better I will understand the story of the movie better even though they are unrelated.
 Now I know cause its something I would say some people will think “wouldn’t it be way easier and way cheaper to simply watch playthrough videos on YouTube?” Yes, it would be, but for me watching a playthrough isn’t the same as playing the game  and experiencing it for yourself. I’m not playing through these games because I have to, I’m playing through them because I want to. I enjoy playing games and binge playing a series I enjoy  is a treat. Especially when its one that’s as fun and deep as the Assassins Creed series.
As it stands now, I can really see why gamers weren’t a big fan of Conner from Assassins Creed 3; I’m having a lot of fun playing as Ezio  I like him, he’s charming. I’m making good progress through the second game and I cant wait to play through Brotherhood.

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